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Starseed Farms in Ojai, California

Aaron lives primarily along the West Coast pathways of the diverse California landscapes, and he periodically travels on personal research world-adventures as well as hosts groups on Transformational World Pilgrimages and Yoga and Nature Retreats. He also shares these discoveries through personal retreats in The Shasta Alchemy Home located at the base of Mount Shasta and at Starseed Farms in Ojai CA. Aaron teaches Yoga and Meditation, the practices of self-inquiry; he also offers readings through astrology, healing bodywork, and Ancient Earth Traditions. He is in constant dialogue with the seasonal changes and constant growth on his native land’s permaculture farm, Starseed Farms in Ojai.

Seeds of Awakening is created to hold a resilient container for the ancient wisdom teachings on our Planet. These seeds are numerous and are cultivated, gathered and planted through the direct connection to a pure intention as we journey upon the Earth Sphere.

Aaron holds a deep connection to the Healing Arts Wisdom Traditions. We are building a bridge which connects the consciousness of modern linear Life to the consciousness of the ancient teachings which originated outside of Modern Time. This bridge can be traversed by anyone willing to surrender. This can be practiced in all pathways of Living and hold the Seeds to Awaken the consciousness of an individual to an Open Reality beyond the wildest dreams. All pathways lead to the same thing, and that thing is really nothing at all and yet everything is it. In this sea-scape of imaginary dreamscapes, we can discover our innate unification and inter-connectedness. In this reality called Life, we can rest in the seat that rides the continuous waves to shores of our true home.