Personal Sessions & Private Retreats

Feel connected and clear with transformational sessions and retreats with Aaron

Self-discovery, Astrology, and Alchemy

One on One Sessions

One on One Sessions with Aaron stimulate clarity of Mind, open the energy field and transmute energetic stagnation that might be held in the body; every session formulates a medicine prescription via dialogue, self-inquiry, conversation surrounding the life path, astrological guidance, energy transmissions and meditation techniques that bridge both ancient medicine of the wisdom teachings and modern scientific methods.

The Architecture of Sessions can involve personal Astrology Readings, Body Wisdom Bodywork (based on cranio-sacral rhythms, myofacial systems) on a massage table, and Yoga/Meditation postural techniques.

Each session is dedicated and shared from a deep devotion to Ancient and Modern Yogic and Shamanic practices, the timeless traditions of Ancient Healing Arts Council, Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapeutics, Body Wisdom Teachings, and Transformational Retreat facilitation.

Personal Retreats

Private Retreats are adventurous, fun and deepening, sharing The Way of Pilgrimage. Our flow includes transformational personal sessions along with land journeys, sacred sites and learning practices.  Private retreats can be scheduled throughout the year at a World Destination location (we discuss this in a phone call).

Schedule a Personal Retreat with Aaron begins with the calling from within your Being.  A simple email to make contact, and we will set up an easy phone call to discuss what you are looking for.  This retreat style is incredibly potent for the One who is ripe to unveil the innate potentials of human consciousness, mind-blowing discovery through uniques explorations, and relaxing into true love and beauty.  On our call, a suggested donation range is provided for services, along with various housing/food options.


Hi Aaron,
 I feel compelled to tell you that since the treatment you gave me, I have had intense experiences of energy moving through my body. Throughout many years, both before and after my near death experience, I have had numerous flashes of energy, intense connections, vibrations, whatever you want to name this, move through me. But now this channel, which is my body, is much more open, and the flow, which has intensified, just wants to continue. My whole body melts into that which is around me, and I am no longer my body but what Is. Even though these are short episodes, they are more frequent and intense, leaving me a walking vibration. So hard to put into words, but this is what i feel. For quite awhile after the movement and deep breathing in my body stops, my whole body “radiates” or vibrates, especially through my arms and hands.
Thank you for being a channel, for giving your gift to others, and for being the special person that you are.