The EarthServer Today

Oct 23, 2017

~ A Prayer ~

This is an emerging voice
That is singing under a tree
By a pond
Living in our ojai community 
and beyond–
This voice is an embodied soul
Who knows it’s self to be at home
When Nourished from the roots of the village
The village that collectively gave this voice power.
We are–
Individual voices
Sounding collective
consciousness of a living community
That already exists in this little valley of the world.
This living system stems from the oldest,
tried and true
Pathways of living sustainably on the Earth.
This community is not against anything.
This community learns from the Elk
And understands the past of the wolf.
There are fundamental human rights
given to each human at birth
Awareness Unlocked from connection to the Earth
We live freely
We live peacefully
on the soil.
A community that bases their knowledge
Their perspective
Their food
Their nourishment
Their home
Their prayers
Their entire future
And Their whole life
From the LAND.