Ocean Rising

Philosophy for World Consciousness

The Seed Saver

There exist, within this body thousands of seeds-- I spread these seeds everywhere the feet land. And there is THIS ONE SEED in particular That I wish to share with our world today. This seed replenishes the heart brain that already sees the world and its creatures...

The EarthServer Today

~ A Prayer ~ This is an emerging voice That is singing under a tree By a pond
Living in our ojai community 
and beyond-- This voice is an embodied soul Who knows it's self to be at home When Nourished from the roots of the village The village that collectively gave...

ONE OCEAN RISING: The Seeds of Awakening.

The Ocean is Rising upon the Shores of Reality on planet Earth. The Water Element of the Ocean is the Great Connector in our Reality. It holds the mystery of our spiritual roots and aids in our ability to remember how to live seamlessly and in peaceful communion with...